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About Us has evolved into a worldwide information exchange service by consolidating an international network of local and regional waste exchanges. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah is an operating division of Inc. Inc.
P.O. Box 58228,
Salt Lake City, Utah 84158

In the mid 1970's our founder, Paul Roszel, actively participated in a number of established waste exchange programs believing that we all have the ultimate responsibility to leave future generations with a safe and sound environment and a world that has not been depleted of its resources. By 1978 Paul had established a waste exchange service based in Ontario, Canada.  The waste exchange efforts continued in a printed newsletter format until late 1994 when we learned of the technology of the Internet. Thinking that we were late and had missed the boat we aggressively moved online. Recycler's World was launched online in early 1995, taken public in 1999 and operated as a public company until the end of 2009 when the operations were taken private by the son of the founder. In early 2010 the Company was reorganized splitting RecycleNet Corporation (the scrap commodity trading exchange) from Inc. (the waste exchange services).

Over a fifteen year period, since venturing online in 1995, our network of regional waste exchanges have continued to expand.  This includes the launch of the Utah Waste Exchange & the Georgia Waste Exchange, the acquisition of Industry Online Central based in St. Louis, as well as BMEx (Business Material Exchange of Wisconsin). In 2006 we acquired Wastechange and the European Waste Exchange Network. 

The network of these international and regional waste exchanges have been combined together into, creating a worldwide information exchange service network serving the USA, Canada, the EU and the surrounding Euro regions.

Strategic Partners relies upon its relationship with its key affiliated partners to assist in providing the waste exchange services.


We encourage all of our users to participate in the Recycling Offset Credits Program.

Recycling Offset Credits
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